Interesting Places to See in Asia, India – The GULMARG GONDOLA

Hi, my beautiful perusers, I again welcome every one of you to my blog. The world is a major puzzle gazing from its creation, the riddle of the Black Holes and numerous secretive things that stayed unsolved.

Voyaging game me a chance to investigate and reveal a couple of such puzzling and one of a kind things that really exist. I am beginning another arrangement of sup point where I will expound on all the

Top Unique and secretive attractions that I visited from my movement recollections. I am beginning with Asia and this time the principal nation would be INDIA. In this article, I am going to share an interesting fascination of Asia for individuals to visit and visit – THE GULMARG GONDOLA.


The world thinks about Switzerland as the Heaven on the Earth for its beautiful excellence. Do you realize that there is a spot in INDIA which local people named as Switzerland of India? Truly, I am not kidding.

The first occasion when I found out about this spot from one of my Indian companion who welcomed me to go to a marriage work. That year I got ready for my Switzerland Backpacking. At the point when my Indian companion heard he let me know

“I am welcoming you to come and visit the Switzerland of India.” It was a miracle to me and intrigued me to change my itinerary item. What came out after the visit was more awesome than I envisioned. I will write in insights regarding

“Switzerland of India” which is Kashmir in another article. Presently I am going to share a one of a kind fascination found in GULMARG, a little slope station in the territory of Kashmir.

Link Cars consistently pull in me and I never botch a chance to ride a link vehicle. GULMARG GONDOLA is one such Cable Car. Be that as it may, is one of the world’s most elevated working link vehicles.

This is a top one of a kind fascination regularly escaped the remainder of the world. This is the longest ropeway that works here in GULMARG. In the time of 2005, this stunning link vehicle ride expressed its activity which lifts around 600 individuals for every hour.

The length of the link is around 5,000 meters. Skiers can reach up to a stature of 13,780 ft. on the KONGDOORI MOUNTAIN thought this link vehicle ride. A French organization was behind this work of art venture costing around 5.4 Million .

During season time, the mountains are secured with day off perfect for skiers to have different exercises. The link vehicle works into two phases. It will take you up to a Level first an elevation of 3,100 meters, named as the KONGDOORI STATION.

On coming to, you can do different mountain exercises. Experience sweetheart can move to a further stature of 4,114 meters which is Level 2, known as the AFARWAT STATION. Simply envision, you are at one of the Himalayan Peaks in only 12 minutes.

The site is white as there are snows all over the place. At the point when you make a trip from Level 1 to Level 2, you will see the climate evolving significantly.

I delighted in this experience ride and appreciated the stunning excellence that I can always remember. This was unquestionably my once in a blue moon understanding and gratitude to my Indian companion for that.

Tips for Travelers:

  • Start promptly in the first part of the day as you will confront a huge line and after 9 AM all the tickets for Level 2 gets sold out.
  • For Snow Lovers, visit all through the long intervals of January and February and appreciate Skiing.
  • Don’t pay coins to guides really follow the road and you may investigate everything yourself.
  • You will feel hungry on the top. Lamentably, there are no shops accessible. Convey some dry food to crunch in the event that you are ravenous.
  • There are local people cooking “Noodles” at the top. At a chilling temperature of a short seven degrees, tasting hot Noodles, I am certain would taste awesome to all.